House removals London

house removals in London

house removals London

House removals in London with fair costs

House removals London is our specialty and our aim is to make things simple for you. SoFast Removals stands for an institution in the field of house removals. Our company is like an moving expert, which has been been providing office and house removals for more than five years. Customer satisfaction stands on top our goals ever since our founding and this idea has helped us to remain on as London’s leading company.

Moving from one place to another could be a very daunting task. You will need to use great deal of effort and time in order to make this task successful. This is not a new thing to the people of London, as many of them often make removals.

Professional Moving company – SoFast Removals and Deliveries

house removals in London

Moving is considered as one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. The effort and work involved is similar whether you will move on another street, or you will move to
a completely different location. All your belongings have to be properly packed up in order to avoid any damage. Comprehensive care has to be considered on delicate items such as show-pieces for them not to break. Utensils, books, clothes and any other household piece should be packed inside boxes. Thinking about all of these things is already intimidating, so what more if you will think about moving them into your new place? It could feel more intimidating than ever!

SoFast Removals success in house removals London and Greater London lies within our flexibility. You will find your needs fully satisfied with us. SoFast Removals London have carried thousands of jobs and recognize the unique nature of each request. Therefore, our range of transportation vehicles cover even the most specific requirements, be they weight or size. We have learned through the experience of our trained professionals to include a variety of complementary services to ensure that our house removals are as fully encompassing as possible.

House removals London – we make it simple

Ahead of moving day, we’ll deliver hire crates and boxes to your door, so you can get everything packed up. Or you can use our packing service if that’s easier.

You don’t even need to be at home on moving day. Some of our house removals London clients are overseas or away for the entire planning and moving process. We’re happy to take care of everything on your behalf.

All our house removals London teams include an experienced foreman, who’ll be working from your detailed itinerary and floor plans. We’ll label all your boxes so everything ends up in the right place.

House removals London – we do it all

With our complete house removals service, we can:

  • Help you de-clutter before you move with secure document shredding and recycling of unwanted furniture and belongings.
  • Deliver hire crates and packing materials to your door.
  • Make bespoke crates for paintings, sculptures, chandeliers and other special items.
  • Offer temporary or long term storage for anything you don’t want to take with you.
  • Export, pack and ship items overseas.
  • Move special items such as pianos and antiques.
  • Use protective coverings to reduce scuffs during the move.
  • Bring a qualified electrician to take down light fittings you’re taking with you.
  • Take down and reassemble furniture.
  • Remove windows or doors for access, and make good afterwards

Safe and insured house removals London

Goods in transit insurance for 40000£ max value per claim.

Let us plan your home removals

If you’d like the peace of mind of knowing your house move is in safe hands, fill in the House removals London Free Quote form, email contact{at} or call 07564888559 to talk to a member of our expert London house removals team.